Murat Celep

Born in Ankara. Graduated from the Press Radio -TV Broadcast School of Marmara University. For a while, he worked for TRT as Assistant Director. Attended many exhibition. His works included in various publications at the United States, France, Japan, and S. Korea. Interviews published in the country and abroad. Served on the jury. His works were chosen to be published on the ICOGRADA website among 5 designers, In 2004 Design Days, in Istanbul. He was among the invited 8 designer for the design of corporate identity of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture. He received the Outstanding Achievement Award in the branch of logo at14th and 22nd Graphic Products exhibits.


Semra Güner

Born in Zonguldak. Graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Metallurgical Engineering. For a while worked as a foundry engineer. Founder partner of Deney. Responsible for Office Management and Internet applications. Taking a breath with giving shape to glass and making glass objects and beads. She is "Sinefil" and likes romantic films. She dreams to start smoking again at 75, she quit years ago.


Levent Karaoğlu (Pink)

Born in Zonguldak. Graduated from Yıldız Technical University, as an electrical engineer. Worked as an engineer in the telecommunications industry for a long time. Interested in Electronic music in a period. and a demo is released ("Önce Özetler"). Awarded 2nd at Roxy Muzik Contest. As a guitarist, he took part in various groups. Along with design and web applications, industry and advertising photography is his other occupation ( Member of IFSAK.