Corporate publishing, by National Association of Mold Builders.

Fast Food Restaurant

Fryer, manufactured by the company Asel


Infrared heaters, manufactured by Asel Electrical home appliances.

By developing the concept, "Geniş Spektrumlu Anti Gribal Isıtıcı - Broad Spectrum Anti-flu Heater", packaging, all printed documents (user manual, warranty card, service, flyer, etc.) and point of sale materials designed as a pain reliever medicine product. Name refers to the names phonetically in the drug.

The package itself was designed as an advertising material. Aselhot, reflected in sales figures, a success story.


Industrial cake, produced by the confectionery company Balin.


The chain stores that offer all soft candy and marsmellow products. It was a pioneer in the concept created by the confectionery industry in Turkey.

Pamir Gıda

Engaged in the production of confectionery and soft marsmellow Turkey, one of the leading confectionery sector.